Uniquely You Dress Form
Measurement Instructions

When you order a Day Dress or Ball Gown you will be sent a
dress form to insure a perfect fit. Included are the following instructions
which will guide you through the measuring process.

unique1.jpg (33982 bytes) STEP 1

Slip the cover on the person being fitted. Rip the side seams from the bottom of the cover to the underarm dart. (To rip, snip through the stitching at the bottom tape and pull apart; the cover will not tear.) Close the zipper. Pin the pipped side seams at the waist.




unique1a.jpg (20980 bytes)
Check the neck fit. If it is too tight, release the shoulder seams about 1". After releasing the shoulder seams, if the neck is still uncomfortable, cut through the tape at the center front seam and rip seam the amount required.
unique1b.jpg (22218 bytes)
With pins, mark the waist-line (figure bend), at the center of the side front and side back panels, then remove the pins used on the side seams.
unique2.jpg (22352 bytes) STEP 2

Remove the cover. Transfer the pins, used to mark the waistline, to the inside and make a vertical dart in each of the marked panels.
To make the darts, fold the material lengthwise through the center of the side front and side back panels, following the diagram. Starting at nothing at the upper pin, deepen dart to 1/4" at the waist and end at nothing 3" below the waist (lower pin).
Open side seams completely, clipping the stitching at the top of seam.

unique3.jpg (24670 bytes) STEP 3

Zip cover on. With the front and back hanging straight from the shoulders, pin the side seams from the waist up to the underarm. the tape may not meet exactly underarm-this is unimportant and will not affect the cover fit. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIT THE COVER BELOW THE WAISTLINE AT THIS TIME.

unique3a.jpg (15352 bytes)  

Check the waistline fit. If the cover "rides up." release the side front and the side back seams to allow the cover to drop smoothly into position.

unique4abc.jpg (56384 bytes) STEP 4

With the cover zipped on. Check the bust fit. The side front seams must cross the bust points; if they do not, adjust the seam so that they do. Be careful not to compress the bust by fitting to tightly.
Starting at the bust point, pin the side front seams, following the hollow of the upper chest. up to the shoulder. Be careful not to pinch or draw.
Nip in tightly under the bust and work up to the bust point, following the contour of the bra.
Pin down from the underbust to the waist, following the contour of the rib cage.


If the seams do not match at the shoulder. open the shoulder seam and allow excess to g into the shoulder seam.


Remove cover and transfer all bust fitting pins to the inside and stitch. DO NOT STITCH SIDE SEAMS AT THIS TIME. After stitching. re-check the fit. There4 should be no pinching, drawing or compression of the bust and chest. The midriff should fit like the section of a full line bra.

unique4d.jpg (20501 bytes)
If fullness appears below or above the bust on the side panels, dart this out. In fittings where the bust is full (C or D cups) the side bust dart may have to be deepened or another dart added at this time. Darts should be taken wherever necessary, following the contour of the bra to assure a good fit.
unique5.jpg (43248 bytes) STEP 5

When satisfied that the bust fit is good, clip the seams at the underbust midriff curve to within 1/8" of the seam stitching. From bust point to shoulder, clip the seam allowance at 2" intervals.




Make a dart across the midriff from one underbust clip to the other. Starting at nothing at one underbust clip, deepen to 1/4" at the center front seam and decrease to nothing at the opposite bust clip.




If the armhole stands away from the body, fit with a dart towards the bust point as shown.

unique6.jpg (36908 bytes) STEP 6

Zip on cover for upper back and shoulder fitting. Take in or release side back seams to exactly follow contour from waist to shoulder. If necessary take darts toward neck and or armhole to remove excess material as shown. (Do not fit below waistline.) Remove cover, transfer pins to the inside stitch.
Re-check and adjust as many times as necessary to obtain a smooth upper back fit.





Zip on cover and fit shoulder seams. If seam is not at the shoulder center or if not perfectly snug, rip out and redo. Back stitch at taped end of seams for added strength.

unique7.jpg (24833 bytes) STEP 7
Zip on cover. Check waist side seams and tighten, being careful not to compress or draw across the bust. Pin down to bottom of cover, fitting side back, side front and center front panels for a tight smooth fitting. Care should be taken so that all panels are straight and perpendicular to the floor.
unique8.jpg (86290 bytes)
Stitch all seams, back stitching at top and bottom of tape seams for added strength. Clip seams at the waistline and trim all seam allowances so they are no wider than 1/4".
Zip on cover and check fit. The cover should approximate a second skin, should not compress the bust, should fit tightly from the midriff to the bottom, exactly following the body contour, and should have no puffiness anywhere. Adjust the seam or take a dart anywhere it is necessary to give a smooth tight fit.





If the center front seam has been opened, mark the neckline at the neck base, and retape.

When satisfied that the fit is good. Place a tape measure around the waist and mark above and below to give exact waist position. Also mark the armhole at the set-in sleeve line. Starting where the shoulder and upper arm hinge and down the front and back. about halfway to the underarms seam. (when fitting patterns. and ease allowance must be included from this point to the underarm seam.)